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Lapis lazuli Crescent Moon earrings ★

Lapis lazuli Crescent Moon earrings ★

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◆ Earring size
ca.30mm x 10mm

◆ Power Stones
Lapis lazuli: ca.13mm x 7mm

◆ Material
Surgical Stainless (against Metal allergy)

◆ Features
- This Lapis Lazuli earrings are very unique and special with the Crescent Moon shape.
- Lapis lazuli is called as lucky stone, and first power stone in the world. Ancient people in Egypt and Babylonia use Lapis Lazuli 

◆ Effect
- To bring luck to you
- As a talisman to protect you

- All stones are natural products, there might be small crack or other material inclusion.
- Actual product could be slightly different from the pictures because of light and angle etc.
- Please carefully handle the stones because stones are sensitive
- Stone effect is not proven scientifically

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