Collection: Shungite stone

Shungite is found lately, one of the most mysterious stones in the world. Shungite is found only in Republic of Karelia in Russia. It is made by only Carbon, the third material in the world after Graphite and Diamond. Some research showed that Shungite contained Fullerene, which ONLY Shungite has naturally in the world.

Many scientists and companies pay attention to Fullerene because there is many effects such as anti-aging, curing cancer and disease etc. Nobel Prize was given to the finder at 1985.

There are mainly two types of Shungite, one is carbon contains less than 90% (usually around 30%), and the other one is more than 90%. The former is called "common Shungite" and it looks matt black without luster. The latter is called "Elite Shungite" or "Noble Shungite" which is very limited in the market. It looks very luster like mirror.

The effect of Shungite is expected:

- Anti-aging

- To protect from unnecessary waves and electromagnetic waves

- To absorb minus energy and to ease stress

- To release anxiety and tension