Collection: Andara Crystal from Sierra Ella Nevada USA

Andara Crystal is made naturally in the nature but the process is still unknown. It was found in Sierra Ella Nevada, USA at 1967. It was very limited in the market but it was also found in South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia later on.

It is categorized by glass scientifically but it is made by Monatomic and naturally made in the nature. There are many fake Andara stones in the market because it is limited and expensive.

Sierra Nevada Andara Crystal has one of the top brand among Andara Crystal. Our Andara Crystal is 100% from Sierra Ella Nevada origin.

There are many colors such as yellow, blue, red, pink, amber etc., sometimes you can see inclusion or air bubbles inside but those Andara stones are thought more valuable and rare.

Andara stones have very strong healing power and positive energy.