About us

Sharing our passion for world natural Stones, we call "Power Stones"!

The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. At that time the earth's crust was made by only rocks and stones. They have lived way much longer than any animals and have seen the change of the earth. Stones have supernatural and mysterious powers indeed, ancient people use Stones for ritual and wish. We sincerely believe these powers and would like to share with all of you!

Who we are?

Power Stone World is based in Germany. We are small team but we have a lot of connections with Asia, especially Japan because Power Stones are very popular and famous there. The word "Power Stone" was created in Japan also. We have unique accessories with natural Power Stones and we are pleased to make custom-made items for each of you also. Our aim is to make everyone happy by natural stones!

Stone Artist Lena:

"Lena" is our stone artist and in charge of design and making accessories. We believe she is the first stone artist in Germany. She has been growing up with art such as drawing and nails, and into stone world now.