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High quality SV925 Cintamani stone pendant

High quality SV925 Cintamani stone pendant

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◆ Pendant top size
H ca.24.0mm × L ca.13mm × W ca.8mm

◆ Material

◆ Origin
Arizona, USA

◆ Power Stones
Cintamani Stone: grade AAAA

◆ Features
- Cintamani stone is tektite stone in Sanskrit and called as saffordite rock. It has one of the highest frequency among all stones.
- All stones are blessed in Hawaii island USA

◆ Effect
- To purify physically and mentally very strongly.
- To understand the meaning of your life and guide your life into right path.
- To release your stereotype and bring you up to the next stage in your life.
- To heal negative feelings and bring you back to healthy and neutral position.

* Chain is not included

- All stones are natural products, there might be small crack or other material inclusion.
- Actual product could be slightly different from the pictures because of light and angle etc.
- Please carefully handle the stones because stones are sensitive
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