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Akoya pearl & Lavender Amethyst & Peridot bracelet, 14KG Filled

Akoya pearl & Lavender Amethyst & Peridot bracelet, 14KG Filled

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◆ Bracelet size (Inner diameter)
ca.14.0cm + 5cm
* Size is adjustable, +5cm

◆ Power Stones
Akoya pearl: ca.6.0mm
Lavender Amethyst: ca.6.0mm, ca.4.0mm
Peridot: ca.4.0mm
Crystal: ca.8.0mm, ca.6.0mm, ca.4.0mm
Crack Crystal: ca.4.0mm

◆ Material
14K Gold filled

◆ Features
- Akoya pearl is one of the most popular and famous pearl in the world, it is originally from Japan. Our product is made in Japan also.
- You can see the elegance and tenderness. Also it has specific luster and shine which attract many people in the world.
- Pearl is June birthday stone.

◆ Effect
<Akoya pearl>
- Healing and mental stability, supporting good sleep
- Charm for good luck and protect from negative affair
- To encourage growth physically and mentally
- Harmonious and peaceful
<Lavender Amethyst>
- To heal the nerves and bring you good sleeps
- To ease your stress softly
- Harmonious couple, blissful marriage
- Enhancement of intelligence

- All stones are natural products, there might be small crack or other material inclusion.
- Actual product could be slightly different from the pictures because of light and angle etc.
- Please carefully handle the stones because stones are sensitive
- The effects are not proven scientifically
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