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Akoya & Larimar bracelet, 14KG Filled

Akoya & Larimar bracelet, 14KG Filled

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◆ Bracelet size (Inner diameter)
ca.14.0cm ~ 17.0cm
* Please let us know the ideal size when you place order 

◆ Power Stones
Akoya pearl: ca.8.0mm
Larimar: ca.8.0mm
Blue Moon stone:ca.8.0mm
Rainbow Quartz: ca.6.0mm
Crystal Button: ca.6.0x3.0mm

◆ Material
14K Gold filled

◆ Features
- Akoya pearl is one of the most popular and famous pearl in the world, it is originally from Japan. Our product is made in Japan also.
- You can see the elegance and tenderness. Also it has specific luster and shine which attract many people in the world.
- Pearl is June birthday stone.
- Larimar is only from dominican republic and it is getting more popular in Asia. It is called "Jewel of the caribbean sea". Each piece has different design patterns. Larimar is one of the world three healing stones, Sugilite and Charoite.

◆ Effect
<Akoya pearl>
- Healing and mental stability, supporting good sleep
- Charm for good luck and protect from negative affair
- To encourage growth physically and mentally
- Harmonious and peaceful
- Love and peace stone
- One of the most strong healing stones
- For creativity

- All stones are natural products, there might be small crack or other material inclusion.
- Actual product could be slightly different from the pictures because of light and angle etc.
- Please carefully handle the stones because stones are sensitive
- The effects are not proven scientifically
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