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Triple Rutile quartz bracelet

Triple Rutile quartz bracelet

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◆ Bracelet size (Inner diameter)
S 15cm~15.5cm
M 16cm~16.5cm
L 17cm~17.5cm
LL 18cm~18.5cm
3L 19cm~19.5cm
4L 20cm~20.5cm

◆ Power Stones
Rutile Quartz: ca.12.0mm
Silver Rutile Quartz: ca.12.0mm
Black Rutile Quartz: ca.12.0mm
Hematite: ca.10.0mm
Smoky Quartz: ca.8.0mm
Morion: ca.8.0mm
Crystal: ca.8.0m
Citrine: ca.8.0mm

◆ Material
Silicon rubber

◆ Features
- Black color basis bracelet for men
- Suitable for both business and private

◆ Effect
<Rutile Quartz>
- Remove all obstacles and develop things
- To give you all energy and motivation
<Silver Rutile Quartz>
- For good financial status, successful working life
- To amplify good energy
- To protect you from negative energy and evils as talisman
- To enhance energy for your blood
- To protect you from evils and all negative stuff as Talisman
- To purify negative energy

- All stones are natural products, there might be small crack or other material inclusion.
- Actual product could be slightly different from the pictures because of light and angle etc.
- Please carefully handle the stones because stones are sensitive
- The effects are not proven scientifically

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